Kingspin is my alter ego for music production. I released my first record (under a different name) by the time I was 15 years old. It was weird finding some success at an early age. I remember getting hounded by the A&R guys at Hollywood Records and thinking they were some small town operation with a cheesy name. I found out later they were with Disney. It wasn’t much better though. I don’t think we were the “Disney” type of teenage band. Not that we were unruly or rebellious. We just saw ourselves as more “real” than that at the time. We wanted to be our version of bands like New Order, OMD and The Smiths.


So then, a few years later I had to make a choice. Do I feed and shelter my family reliably or do I keep doing the music thing? I decided that I could be in the music world while having a normal life. It’s been great. I get to write, record and produce while still being that other guy.

What is kingspin? It’s the merging of a couple of ideas. It’s marketing and music together. “King of Spin” and you know.. that whole DJ thing. Yep, I DJ’d.. with vinyl. .



I have worked with bands from all over. I have helped some indie-pop groups to full on signed bands. I have all the equipment I need/want. The great thing is that these days it doesn’t have to be racks and racks of gear. I have even written tracks just on my iPad. Music is everywhere and that’s the way it should be.



Here are a few random things I have done that I don’t mind sharing. I mostly keep to myself.


I am happy to hear from you, but the form was not my favorite. I will fix it later. For now, email:info@kingspin.com